When we started Harper Voit Wines, we envisioned our work with wine as a cultural good, as a life to be shared with others. In continuing that vision, we are reaching out to you to join us in our work. With our total wine production at less than one thousand cases, and with no intention to grow the volume of our work, we are initially offering a total of 50 places for individuals or families in this new endeavor.

Our work is about intimacy. We spend time with our growers. We walk the rows of vines, seeking understanding and knowledge of the season and the harvest to come. We gather around the table, sharing food, wine, stories and laughter. We want to share more of our life with you.

Yes, we want you to enjoy wines from Harper Voit. Yes, we are asking you to financially participate in our work. Yes, we want you to experience a side of the wine world not widely available.

We hope you will join with us so we can share more of our obsessive craft with you.

All the best,

Drew Voit, Owner/Winemaker

Jessica West, Assistant Winemaker





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